Hakuna Matata.
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Hakuna Matata.






Someone caption this

when you gettin twerk’d on and yo girl spotted you

When you getting twerked on but you remember she smashed the homie

When you having fun but then you realized how fucked up your life is

When you’re out partying and you hear new lil b mixtape dropped

when you getting twerked on and you forgot to take the chicken out the freezer like your mom had asked you to
I procrastinate so much I procrastinate the actual procrastination.
Q: You may have not intended that reply on IG to be racist but it was. For someone who grew up with black and hispanic people, I'm surprised that you would even stoop that low and try to make a joke about racial slurs. That's why black people always hesitate about fucking with other races, because y'all be getting too damn comfortable. If you haven't gone through that struggle, don't joke about it.
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Q: It's funny how you don't black out on people. i laugh er'time.
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I posted a pic of chia on IG, and some dude said “fucking gook.” I had to correct him.

Okay, but did you not realize you’re response was also racist or…?


Throwing black people and Latin@ people under the bus huh.

Lol no, silly. I was saying, if you’re going to be racist, at least take the time to use the correct slurs. Seems like sarcasm is a lost art these days, man.